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A - Undead Zogerito


-Infectious Bite that can turn dead creatures and people into infected undeads.

-Enhanced Physical Capabilities.

-Enhanced Magical Capabilities.

-Corrupted Blast.

-High Speed Regeneration.

-Call Of Darkness.

-Sense Manipulation.

-Emotion Manipulation.

-Body is soaked and constantly leaking corrupted mana.

Danger Ranking: A

Rarity: Rare+

Region: Corrupted Swamp

Description: The Undead Zogeritio is a very rare and very special type of undead creature that roams the depths of the corrupted swamp, often sleeping within dark areas for most their time. The only time the creature wakes up is if they are disturbed, or in order to eat a large amount of food in order to go back in sleep. They are dangerous, and very hostile, they are known to bring death wherever they go, and avoiding them is the best course of action for most.

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