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A - Wayteller

Type of Rune: Aerial -> Anywhere

Rune Ranking: A

Enchantment: Once written on a item or location the user can place their hand on it, the rune glowing and making a map of everywhere the user has seen. This map will remain for 20 turns and the user can control it as long as they keep their hand on the rune. The map is highly detailed and can be zoomed in and out to see specific areas and places as long as they've been to that place or seen the place in person. They can even see the insides of buildings they've been to, the users location is marked with a dot on the map and names of locations are also on it if they know the name.

Limitations & Side Effects:

-Others cannot see the map of another person.

-Once the user lets go the rune breaks.

Requirements: High Rune Knowledge.

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