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B - artemis fowl

Abilities: • Quite Agile and Fast, around x5 times faster than a human • Fire and Heat Immunity, and can create and control fire through a fire blast from it's mouth or eat fire. • Burning Features, ex. claws and bites can burn on contact • Strong Bite Force, strong enough to bend steel. • Body is covered in a stone tough molten shell, and on the inside it's all living fire. • Wolf like capabilities Danger Ranking: B Rarity: Rare+ Region: Desert Description: Named after a bird, in relative to how a phoenix would revive. When a corpse of a wolf, or a dog is left near a powerful mana source with fire nearby, they fuse to become a Atremis Fowl. A far cry from its relative, the Hellhound, the Atremis is a living fire covered in a tough shell capable of resisting most conventional weaponry. With a burning bite and scratches to the touch, and other fire capabilities it is to not be underestimated.

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