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B - Horned Apex Mastery

Name: Horned Apex Mastery

Technique Power Ranking: B

Description: Horned Apex Mastery is a Ki Technique intricately tied to the cultivation and enhancement of existing physical horns or the forming of a physical horn on a person without one. The practitioner harnesses the latent energy within these horns, progressively growing in strength and abilities as they refine and augment their horns.


Stage One: The practitioner begins by imbuing their existing horns with a specialized way of mana infusion, requiring focused meditation and energy manipulation to get it just right. This process stimulates the growth and energy potential of the horns. If the user does not have a horn, they need to focus their mana in a way to form a horn out of the mana, stabilizing it till it becomes very solid.

Bonus: The horns strengthen to be stronger than stainless steel, and their complexity increases.

Backlash: Gain sensitivity on horns, and can feel pain as if it’s their direct limb.

Stage Two: Advancing to Horned Essence Absorption, the practitioner learns to draw and absorb the essence from the horns of certain fauna. Through a refining connection, they refine their own horn essence, blending it with the unique energies of the creatures they interact with.

Bonus: Horns become more intricate and larger, user gains enhanced reaction speed of 3x and strength by 3x. Gain a lesser version of a characteristic of the fauna blended with.

Backlash: Gain a weakness of the fauna extracted from.

Stage Three - In this stage, the practitioner must focus on expanding their mind through the horns. Through intense concentration and focused training, they must learn to integrate their mind within their horns.

Bonus: Horns become conduits for telekinetic energy, allowing the practitioner to manipulate objects within a certain radius with precision. This extends to fine control, such as picking up small items or redirecting projectiles.

Backlash: Can not perform more than C rank telekinesis. Loses all benefits of previous stages if horns are broken.

Final Stage - The pinnacle of Horned Apex Mastery involves a transformative ritual where the practitioner consumes their horns and absorb the essence directly into their body. Through deep meditation and a symbolic act, they unlock the full potential of their horns.

Bonus: Grows larger and even more complex horns, gain 3x physical stats, 3x mana capacity, 3x mana power.

Backlash: Loses half of stats if horns are broken, but keep benefits of training in technique.

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