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B - Undead Warlock


-Infectious Bite that can turn dead creatures and people into infected undeads.

-Enhanced Regeneration.

-Mana Sensing.

-Mana Cloaking.

-Can use spells below B Rank.

-Can use runes below B Rank.

-Can use arcane circles below B Rank.

-Body is soaked and constantly leaking corrupted mana.

Danger Ranking: B

Rarity: Rare+

Region: Corrupted Swamp

Description: The Undead Warlock is a very rare and special type of undead creature that could be found within the depths of the corrupted swamp. They are reclusive in nature, but if they come across something alive, they will attack and infect the creature without rest, using their powerful magical capabilities to bring the target to submission. They are smart, as smart as an undead can be that is, as they are able to think, plan, and strategies but not speak or understand.

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