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Abilities: • Leaves behind a trail of common flora with every step • Can change the colors of its mane to blend into its surroundings • Mane can bloom flowers or fungi, depending on mood, that can release various scents to attract prey or repel predators • Can extend mane 20m and form a thicket • Completely soundless • Amazing memory Danger Ranking: C Rarity: Rare+ Region: Majika Forest Description: This fauna has few sightings, but each have been by inhabitants of Majika forest, only one seen at once, and never in the same area. They described Elhu as 'blessed by the Demigod of nature.' An Ethereally beautiful species that is always surrounded by various plants and uses its mane to lure and subdue stronger-looking prey. The creatures have evaded the public eye since discovery, but what little is known is studied by nature and fauna enthusiasts alike.

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