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C - Flower of Life

Type of Spell: Lifeforce Magic

Spell Power Ranking: C

Description: The user activates this spell by charging 5 years of lifeforce and turning it into the form of a flower on their fingertip, this flower can then be placed somewhere, and if the flower is touched or anything gets within 20 meters of it, it will notify the user. As long as a flower is not destroyed, the user can gain 1 Day of lifeforce for every being that enters the 20 meters range, draining it from them once every 5 turns.

Lifeforce Cost: 5 Years.

Limitations/Side Effects:

-The flower can be destroyed by magical or physical means.

-The flower is visible.

-The flower last 50 turns or until destroyed.

Cooldown: 16 turns.

Requirements: None.

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