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C - Hand of Binding Lives

Type of Spell: Lifeforce Magic

Spell Power Ranking: C

Description: The user summons a large hand by paying 25 years of their lifeforce, this hand is able to grip onto any living being, organic or otherwise. Once gripped onto a being, both parties can agree on a 'deal' and once the 'deal' is agreed on by both sides, willingly without threat to their life, the hand will burn its way into the person. This hand will then make sure that both sides of the deal is accomplished regardless of anything else, and if one side is not accomplished than all their lifeforce will be removed and go towards the other party.

Lifeforce Cost: 25 Years.

Limitations/Side Effects:

-Both parties need to willingly agree on a deal, neither parties can be threatened or life be in danger.

Cooldown: 25 turns.

Requirements: None.

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