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C - Pocket Meal

Market Region: All

Item Rarity: Common

Item Effect: Pocket meal has been a staple in the world for a very long time, originally

invented by an alchemist that used to work as an adventurer, the item was meant to be used by does that were unable to properly sit down and have a meal, being able to carry around meals with them on the go. Overtime it has since developed and have turned into what is common today, bought by many adventurers and travellers that are going long distances, and can be found in markets all around the world in a wide variety of flavours and types. While the pocket meal doesn't taste as good as the original version, it holds close to the same nutritional value and can be used as a good pick-me-up meal.

Item Limits: Not as healthy as normal food.

Market Price: 20 Copper, can vary.

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