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C - Whispering Theif


- Teleportation - The creature can seemingly teleport at will, traveling through shadows and dark spots.

- Intangibility - The creature can become fully intangible, like a shadow, and things pass through it.

- Mind Reading - Can read the minds of people it touch.

- Stealing - They can take things from people without the person even knowing it was stolen, and the only way to get it back is to find them.

Danger Ranking: C

Rarity: Rare.

Region: Anywhere.

Description: A creature that is believed to be born from the spirit of people that died within the forest in a brutal manner, thieves and criminals primarily. These creatures are said to be able to teleport at will, using their capabilities to play tricks and mess with the poor people that stumble within their paths. While harmless and not hostile unless attacked, they love to mess with people and steal things from them.

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