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Color: Light and deep blue

Mineral Location: Mountains

Mineral Rarity: Rare

Moh hardness Ranking: 6

Melting Point: 2170°C (3938°F)

Solubility: Not soluble

Market Value: 30 silver coins

Description: Chalcos is ordinary copper in the eyes of geologists, but with a difference. This copper absorbed mana through many centuries, but unlike other mana-based minerals, Chalcos has mana imbued into the core of the chemical formula of copper, thus being the only mineral capable of proving that mana itself can be a mineral. It can be used for the construction of advanced robots or general cybernetics, as its capability to conduct not only electricity better, but also mana, allowing machines to use magic and even giving them a certain mana flow. It's normally bought by rich people, including royalties.

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