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Conjuration - Conjure Nightmare

Spell Power Ranking: B Description: The user is able to target the mind of their target and create a nightmare based on the target's deep fears, taking a form of its own that is able to interact with the target and attack them. The form of the nightmare can vary greatly depending on the level of the fear for it, with the weakest being equal to a C rank creature, and the strongest being A rank. Mana Cost: Medium - Very High. Limitations/Side Effects: Can only last 15 turns. Can be hurt by mana-based attacks. Can be overcome if the target passes out or stops fearing the thing. Target must be within eyesight to activate the spell. Cooldown: 20 Turns. Requirements: The target having a fear to begin with. More dangerous nightmares require higher skill to control. If the user loses control then it will fade after 2 turns.

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