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Conjuration - Conjure painted sky

Spell Power Ranking: B Description: The caster summons a sky on the ceiling of whatever indoor location they are in. The sky functions as a normal one does and can be whatever time of day the caster wishes, although it can’t harm or negatively affect those (I.e., hail or sleet hurting Asura, sunlight hurting vampires, etc). This spell serves to either set the mood, create lighting, or allow spells that must be cast outside to be cast inside. Mana Cost: Medium Limitations/Side Effects: Lasts 10 turns, but can be ended early if struck by a light spell of B rank or higher, or by any spell A rank or higher. Can’t damage creatures on its own, even if they are weak to any weather it creates. Doesn’t allow S rank spells to be used if they require to be outside. Cooldown: 5 Turns after the spell ends Requirements: Must be indoors

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