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Conjuration- Summon King of Chains

Spell Power Ranking: S

Description: An ancient spell that's said to be lost through time capable of unleashing a powerful being. After charging for 3 turns, the user summons a colossal entity ranging half a kilometer in size bound in enormous chains that seems to fade into nothing. The entity it self is incapable of moving but it can summon numerous chains that it can control as it will, capable of even interacting with beings that aren't normally affected by physical means. This has a the range of an entire city block around the entity and the chains are 3x stronger than the chains of the spell "Magic Grappling Chains". Any entities in contact with the chains cannot teleport or use 'quick escape' magic, forcing physical removal of the chains before they can use such magic.

Mana Cost: All

Limitations & Side Effects: During the entire time the entity is summoned, the user will hear ramblings in their head that may cause the user received a mental damage if they have low or moderate mental resistance. The summoned chains can be broken. The summoned entity last for 15 turns.

Cooldown: 1 month

Requirements: High concentration, High mental resistance, The user must charge the spell for 3 turn without the concentration being broken or they will suffer a backlash cancelling the spell and draining all the user's mana making them incapable of using magic for a week.

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