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Availability: Rare Region: Anywhere Preparation: Collect and dilute the sap. Cost: 4 Silver Description: This plant can grow almost anywhere. It is a large flower standing 3 ft tall and 6 ft circumference. The leaves are purple and blue and have a lot of vines spreading away from it. It is unknown how it spreads but it tends to infest an area where blood of a highly magical creature was spelt. It's well known and referred to as the zombie flower. It gains its nutrients from the corpses of local fauna, which it also uses to protect itself. The flower has a small pool of aromatic sap that is a strong attractor to fauna of all types. Even humanoids find that it smells like the scent that attacks them the most. The sap can be made into a fauna attractor though in its base form it will attract all fauna in a large area regardless of type.

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