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C- Cursed Abnormal Technique

Name: Cursed Abnormal Technique

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description: The Cursed Abnormal Technique is a technique that was forged under the guise of gaining power through whatever means needed, even at the price of giving up the very body and soul of a person to do so. It is a technique that is known to be harsh to the people that practice it, and leaves them with little even if they gain power from it.


Stage One: To master the first stage of this technique the user most first give up their body, their looks, and take on an abnormal and disgusting form, a monstrous form that is disgusting to even look at.

Bonus: Grants 5x human capabilities in all physical aspects.

Backlash: They look horrific, disgusting, and like a monster.

Stage Two: To master the second stage they must taint their mana with the technique and make it just as abnormal as they look, making it toxic and dark in nature.

Bonus: Grants them 4x human magic capabilities.

Backlash: Their mana and magic feels disgusting and distasteful, making others feel naturally repulsed by it.

Stage Three: To master the third stage they must taint and give up their very soul to the technique, making it abnormal and disgusting in nature.

Bonus: Makes them 8x physical and 5x magical compared to a normal human.

Backlash: Their soul is dirty, tainted, just being around them makes others uncomfortable with them, hate them, disgusted by them.

Stage Four: To master the fourth stage they must give up their common emotions, joy, fear, sadness, anger, happiness, all of it must be given up and making them an emotionless husk of abnormalities that give into instincts.

Bonus: This stage makes them immune to mental abilities.

Backlash: They do not feel any emotions, acting on instincts.

Final Stage: To master the final stage they must give up everything, their body, soul, magic, everything they are and everything they will be to the technique, becoming something that serves only the technique, an abnormal monster.

Bonus: They serve the technique, and live and die by the will of the technique.

Backlash: They serve the technique, and live and die by the will of the technique.

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