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D- Inner Animal Technique

Name: Inner Animal Technique

Technique Power Ranking: D

Description: The Inner Animal Technique is a Ki Technique that focuses on training the inner spirit animal of a person and bringing that inner animal outside, allowing them to benefit from the effects of that animal and granting them many animalistic traits and abilities. Due to the nature of the technique it is often regarded as wild and the people that train it are often nomadic or savage.


Stage One: To master stage one the user must first find their inner spirit animal, while that may sound easy it is not, as such they are required to spend time observing and learning from the animals of the world until they find one that relate to them on a spiritual level.

Bonus: Mastering this stage allows them to understand their inner animal, and to feel some of the traits that animal have on their body.

Backlash: Mastering this stage often have minor side effects of the user acting like their inner animal would at times, often unknowingly.

Stage Two: Once stage one is mastered they can move onto mastering stage two, requiring the user to bring forth their inner animal and expand their inner animal deeper. Meaning they need to not just have a basic understanding of the animal, but all it's weakness, strengths, habits, nature, and even how it lives. Often requiring them to live like the animal would for some time.

Bonus: Mastering this stage grants the user the ability to empower themselves with their inner animal, allowing them to use all the capabilities that animal has.

Backlash: Mastering this stage grants the user the weaknesses and habits of the animal.

Final Stage: After understanding their inner animal they most now bring it out, to do so they must accept their inner animal as part of them, fusing with it in body, soul, and mana, allowing that animal to truly show itself.

Bonus: Mastering this stage allows them to spiritually project their animal over themselves, using it's abilities.

Backlash: They also gain the habits, weaknesses, and nature of the animal when they project it.

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