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dark arts - blood moon

Type of Spell: Dark Arts-Conjuration Spell Power Ranking: S Description: The user begins by draining their entire body of blood, only enough left to remain casting the spell, and it forms into a large glowing ball of blood above the user’s body, appearing like a moon. This moon rumbles, creating an ever-present hum 100ft from the caster. Creatures that have less vitality than the health sacrificed by the caster have their remaining vitality halved for each turn they can perceive the moon; their blood being drained from them. The blood of killed creatures or stolen from creatures' pool into the moon. The caster can charge this phase for as long as they want, but it leaves them extremely vulnerable. The second phase, as the release the spell, causes the blood moon to shoot forward to a target they can see, dealing damage equal to all of the stolen health. The projectile has the speed of an arrow and moves through creatures (and anything they’re wearing), but not structures or objects, that are not the target. This projectile can be anywhere from cannonball sized to 10ft in diameter Mana Cost: All, Health cost 99% Limitations/Side Effects: This spell completely drains the user of health, putting them on the least possible health before unconsciousness or death. They have to remain completely still during first phase and cannot regenerate during this time. The height of the moon is determined by the mana of the caster before the casting of the spell, with more mana being put into the spell allowing the moon to go higher, and seen from farther, but it cannot pierce through solid objects, like roofs. Cooldown: 1 month Requirements: High knowledge of the dark arts, Extremely high pain tolerance.

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