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Dark Arts - Call Lesser Vestige of Abaddon

Type of Spell: Dark Arts

Spell Power Ranking: S

Description: The user is able to tap into a deep and dark type of magic that calls forth a being of the distant past, Abaddon, as it is merely a fraction of the being's true form that is used to embody flesh and bone, it isn't as strong as the original being, however, it is still very powerful. Physically the being is as strong as 8x that of an Asura; however, alongside that, the being is also able to use spells that are lower than A Rank and can call forth minions of Abaddon to serve it. It also has other capabilities.

Mana Cost: Very High

Limitations/Side Effects: Flesh and Bone are needed to summon the creature, The creature is hostile to the host if the host is weaker-willed than it, and the creature can't be boosted by the host's abilities or spells.

Cooldown: 80 Turns.

Requirements: N/A

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