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dark arts - dancing at death's door

Type of Spell: Dark Arts-Alteration Spell Power Ranking: S rank Description: “Knowledge from death, stolen from her by a false lover.” Or so they say. In actuality, this spell is the pinnacle of necromancy research. This spell scorns death, making the user incapable of dying for 10 turns. Any serious bone damage, such as limb lose or shattering, is instantly necrotized back to its previous state (before the damage) throughout the duration, keeping them fighting on the verge of death. If their organs or flesh are damaged to the point of no longer functioning, their bones continue to move through magic, but after the spell ends the user will suffer the effects of the damage. Mana Cost: Very High Limitations/Side Effects: Doesn’t prevent the user from running out of mana or stamina, even if it prevents them from going unconscious. If they are not healed right before or as the spell finishes, the user is knocked unconscious. The flesh of the caster is not regenerated, and can be harmed Cooldown: 1 month Requirements: High amounts of necromancy knowledge, inventor is unknown, has to be learned from very limited scrolls, as the spell was only invented in the last 200 years

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