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B - Dorbog King


- Equips weapons found in their surroundings, such as swords and spears.

- Possesses tough, iron-like skin for increased durability.

- Great speed comparable to that of a Vampire.

- Exceptional strength and healing capabilities comparable to that of a Demon.

- Displays high intelligence and combat skills, similar to that of a small human.

- Able to use D Rank Spells.

Danger Ranking: B

Rarity: Legendary

Region: Swamps, Seaside

Description: The Dorbog King is not born but rather created through a process of evolution. When a Dorbog consumes enough creatures and their flesh, they undergo a transformation, growing in strength, size, and intelligence. Dorbog Kings are approximate twice the size of an average human, possessing superior intelligence compared to regular Dorbogs.

Due to their increased intelligence and physical capabilities, Dorbog Kings naturally assume leadership roles. They have a strong desire to rule, often gathering tribes of Dorbogs in their vicinity to form large tribes or even kingdoms, consisting of thousands of members. These kingdoms may include subordinate Mages and Alphas under their rule.

Encountering a Dorbog King is exceedingly rare, as very few have been noted to exist. Many of them have been killed before they had the opportunity to establish a Dorbog Kingdom. The combination of their exceptional attributes, intelligence, and leadership qualities makes Dorbog Kings a formidable and legendary presence within the swamps and seaside regions.


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