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C - Dorbog Mage


- Proficient in mana channeling with their wooden staff adorned with animal bones.

- Possess tough, leather-like skin for added protection.

- Greater muscle mass compared to a human.

- Capable of using Spells at D Rank.

Danger Ranking: C

Rarity: Rare

Region: Swamps, Seaside

Description: Dorbog Mages are a larger and more formidable variant of the Dorbog species. They typically stand at the size of a human and hold significant influence within their tribes, often leading alongside Alphas. Unlike regular Dorbogs, they do not interbreed within their own tribe but seek out other Mages to maintain the purity of their bloodline.

Dorbog Mages are rare, and most tribes do not have a Mage among their members due to their low birthrate. Only tribes numbering in the thousands would be privileged to possess a Mage. These Mages include greater physical strength and size compared to regular Dorbogs, allowing them to fulfill the roles of both Mages and, on occasion, hunters. Gender distinctions do not apply to Dorbog Mages.

Equipped with a wooden staff decorated with animal bones, Dorbog Mages have honed their mana-channeling abilities. They can utilize Spells at a D Rank level, making them formidable magical practitioners. The rugged, leather-like skin of the Dorbog Mages offers them additional protection in combat.


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