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E- Dorbog

Abilities: •Can attack in groups. •Sometimes equipped with short spears/harpoons or fishing nets. •Can swim in muddy water.

Danger Ranking: E Rarity: Uncommon Region: Swamps, Seaside Description: A small, reptilian-like creature that strayed from goblins during evolution, but remained at a low level of development due to their way smaller brain mass and relatively short lifetime. They’re smarter than animals, but are too dumb to be considered a fully intelligent race. Organized in tribes that often fight each other, they can either be fishermen or harvesters, as the females stay at home to take care of the children (which are blind for the first year of their 15-year lifetime). They mostly feed on fish and fruits, but can also eat meat if they happen to kill an animal. Male Dorbogs are blue-grey while females are green. Their villages are small huts made from wood, but they can also sometimes dig holes or climb in trees. There are usually between 20 and 30 Dorbogs in each village.


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