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E- Rekin

Abilities: • Can breathe/live underwater in fresh and salt water, as well as above ground. • Able to swim up to 50 mph (80.4 kmh) • Able to run up to 30 mph (48.3 kmh) • Can dig extremely fast and efficiently Danger Ranking: E Rarity: Uncommon in wild Region: Coastal waters Description: Rekin are the result of Orca-bears becoming domesticated over hundreds of years. Their original ferocious and frightening ultimate-carnivore appearance has become docile and cute, comparable to dogs and puppies. They are small in size, appear with various colors, circular patterns dotted along their long bodies, and a long, commonly 22 inches or longer, tail. Rekin are no longer violent unless explicitly aggravated, at which point they tend to swing their bulky, hard tails and sharp, solid paws offensively. Also because of domestication, Rekin have difficulty surviving in the wild.

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