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Elemental: Earth- Crystal Sentries

Spell Power Ranking: C

Description: The user creates 5 crystals that are 1 foot long. The created crystals will slowly circle around the user in a 3 foot radius. If any creatures that the caster deems an enemy comes within a 15 foot radius of the user, the crystals will each automatically fire a magic bolt that travels at half the speed of an arrow and is strong enough to break several inches of wood. The spell can keep going as long as the user has mana.

Mana Cost: Low, drains each turn

Limitations/Side Effects: The crystals can each target a different enemy, up to five, but no more than that. The crystals can each only fire a projectile once per turn, and where that projectile is aimed isn't controlled directly by the user. They will only target the general vicinity of the enemy, not a specific part, such as the head.

Cooldown: 10 Turns

Requirements: None

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