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EX - T.B.O.T.E

Spell Power Ranking: EX

Description: Can only be used when the user's life is put to the very edge; using it causes all the mana around the user in a five thousand-meter radius of the user to gush into their body at full force, changing the way they look and peeling off all their skin, leaving them as nothing but a being of mana. Boosting all physical and magic capabilities by 50x.

Mana Cost: Very High

Limitations/Side Effects: All the user's mana is drained. Once over, they will fall into a coma. Once over, their body regresses. Can't be boosted. Lasts 10 turns. If badly wounded in this form, even if they healed, they may die.

Cooldown: Once Time Use.

Requirements: Need to have mana around them.

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