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EX - The Embodying Technique

Name: The Embodying Technique

Technique Power Ranking: EX

Technique Power Ranking: The Embodying Technique is a very old, very ancient, and almost completely unknown Ki Technique that dates back to the times of old, before even the Arcane Age, but most information on it was lost during the Dark Age. It is, however, believed to be the attempt of mortals to copy or become, Divines.


Stage One: To master the first stage, the practitioner must learn and attune themselves to an aspect of something, anything; they must learn all about that thing. They must learn so much about it that they can attune themselves in all forms of being to the concept.

Bonus: Once the first stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to sense and perceive the concept around them, feeling it and controlling it to an extent.

Backlash: If the practitioner loses connection to the concept or that connection is broken, they face massive backlash.

Stage Two: In the second stage, the practitioner needs to find a way to untangle their very being with the concept they have attuned themselves with. All forms of their being must be entangled with that form of concept, body, mind, soul, mana; all of it must be part of the concept, and the concept must be part of them.

Bonus: Once the second stage is mastered, the practitioner gains 6x in their concept and gains the ability to master that concept much easier than anyone else.

Backlash: If the practitioner connections are broken from their concept, they die. If their concept is mastered by anyone else more than them, they die. Once this stage is mastered, their lifespan is halved.

Stage Three: In the third stage, the practitioner achieves a higher level of mastery of the concept. Not just entangle themselves with it, but live for it, live with it, and be part of it, they live for nothing but the concept, and the concept is them.

Bonus: Once the third stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to control their concept in themselves and others, stripping that concept from others within a certain range of them and sensing that concept anywhere in the world. They also gain a 5x boost in that concept.

Backlash: Unknown

Final Stage: To master the final stage is unknown.

Bonus: Unknown.

Backlash: Unknown.

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