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F - Dracow


-Has large wings and can fly.

-Has sharp claws and fangs.

-Strong and loud roar.

-Has 3x the capabilities of a cow.

Danger Ranking: F

Rarity: Uncommon

Region: Dragon Realm

Description: Dracow is a species of cows that have evolved to fit into the nature of the Dragon Realm, having taken on properties of a draconic being due to this evolution, some researchers even believe that they have small amounts of draconic blood mixed into them due to how they look and act. They are aggressive in nature, and move in a herd of 4-6 at times, some herds can even be larger in order to survive the dangers that exist within the Dragon Realm. They are a good source of food for beings in the Dragon Realm, as such they are often hunted, meaning they needed to evolve to be fierce to survive.

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