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F - Leechat


-Has 2x the capabilities of a normal cat.

-Can blend in with plants around it.

-Has the ability to control plants to a limited extent.

-Able to sense the emotions of plants.

-Smells like a plant.

-Tastes like a plant.

-Survives on sunlight, water, and absorbing nutrition from dead creatures.

Danger Ranking: F

Rarity: Uncommon

Region: Grasslands, Forests, Swamps

Description: The Leechat is a type of plant-like magical cat that lives within areas of lush and overgrown plant life, often living amongst the plants and making a home in trees or undergrowth. They do not eat other creatures to survive, not naturally at least, but instead feed much like a plant, using sunlight, water, and the nutrition provided by corpses to survive. Thanks to this they are not naturally hostile.

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