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F- Veggie Head


  • Literally a sentient vegetable.

  • Lives off photosynthesis and water

  • Emotionless

  • Capable understanding speech and simple instructions

Danger Ranking: F Rarity: Common Region: Anywhere with plantlife. Description: They are emotionless sentient vegetables that have gained life through wild mana infusing into it. Reproducing through their seeds growing more Veggie Heads, often in colonies and used as easy labor for farmers. Even used as cooking ingredients by chefs, although the morality of such is debatable. They are docile and will follow a leader in most cases. They cannot speak themselves besides bumbling noises used to communicate between each other. In very rare cases, some mana entities are said to understand this speech to some degree. Though they most often occur in vegetables, this can also happen with Fruits or other foods left out somewhere at random

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