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F - Venomsting


- Long, sharp stinger that injects a potent venom into prey or threats. The venom isn't lethal, but it makes the victim feel ache and pain in the stung area.

- Agile fliers with quick movements.

- Camouflaged exoskeleton that blends with their environment.

- Strong mandibles for capturing and immobilizing prey.

Danger Ranking: F

Rarity: Uncommon

Region: Forests, Plains

Description: Venomstings are small insects known for their minor venom and swift aerial movements. They possess a long, sharp stinger that they use to inject venom into their prey or any perceived threats, allowing the venom to spread into the body of their prey before eating them. The venom of the Venomsting has minor toxicity to people, causing numbness, aches, and pain in the stung area, but for smaller insects, it can even cause paralysis.

These insects are agile fliers, and around palm size, allowing them to freely dart swiftly through the air as they search for prey or defend their territory. Their exoskeletons are camouflaged to blend with the vegetation of forests and plains, making them difficult to spot. Venomstings also have strong mandibles, which they use to capture and immobilize their prey. While not the most common insect in their habitat, encounters with Venomstings can be dangerous, and caution is advised when traversing their territories.

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