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Luminous Nightshade

Name: Luminous Nightshade

Availability: Rare+

Region: Unknown

Preparation: Must be consumed

Cost: N/A

Description: The Luminous Nightshade is a very rare and powerful flora that only grows in the special dark and bright palces. It is known for its ability to grant the consumer enhanced light and dark powers, granting the person that eats it a 10% Resistant and 15% Affinity for Light and Dark, depending on the Cherry they eat. It also grants them the ability to control either light or darkness within a limited range of them, if they eat large amounts of it at once. However, the Luminous Nightshade should be consumed with caution, as it is known to have adverse effects on those who consume it without sufficient mastery over their powers. The user may experience overwhelming and uncontrollable bursts of light and darkness, which can cause harm to themselves and others around them. As such, it is recommended that only experienced users with strong control over their elemental affinities should attempt to consume the Luminous Nightshade in large amounts.

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