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Nature - Great Forest Creation

Spell Power Ranking: S Description: The user slams both hands against the ground, channeling mana for 2 turns. On the 3rd turn, trees each with a branch the size of a truck raises around them in a 100 meter radius. These trees are all connected by branches, and travel at the speed of an arrow with the power to break through steel easily. Each extend up to 50 meters in any direction the user wishes. Mana Cost: Very High Limitations & Side Effects: The trees will last for the rest of the day. Cooldown: 1 week Requirements: Physical touch with the ground. The user must recite a sentence vocally in old spell language every turn: First Turn - "Let nature shine against her enemies."

Second Turn - "Let her be my sword and shield against those opposed to me." Activation Turn - "Make them fall under her might."

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