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Non-elemental - Greater Shielding

Spell Power Ranking: B-A-S

Description: The spell is a more advanced and stronger version of the mana barrier spell, used by talented mages focused on defense. 1 circular shield can be summoned, the size varies with the amount of mana given to it, normally reaching the size of buildings/castles.

B rank shields are the standard version, able to be the size of bucklers, standard shields and great shields. It's able to block another B rank spell and other lower spells.

A rank shields follows the same rule of B rank, although, when more mana is put into it, it becomes bigger and harder, able to be big enough to protect buildings and another A rank spell, along with lower ones. S rank shields again follow the same nature, although, when all mana from the individual is put into it, it is able to protect castles, gates and even small cities. This shield is able to block another S rank spell, along with lower ones.

Mana Cost: Varies with the size

Limitations/Side Effects: The shield goes away if no mana is fuelling them, and when a shield breaks, the caster will get knocked back with significant force to break bones.

Cooldown: 5 turns

Requirements: Mastery with non elemental magic, the spell is upgradable so that it can reach greater heights.

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