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Phoenix Bloom

Name: Phoenix Bloom

Availability: Legendary+

Region: Volcano and Firelands

Preparation: Must be burned and ashes must be consumed

Cost: N/A

Description: The Phoenix Bloom is an extremely rare and magical flower that only grows in the fiery regions of the world, so rare in fact that it is believed to be a myth, and many would agree with that if it wasn't said to have been used to bring the Second Human Queen back from death. It is said that it holds the power of resurrection and rebirth, allowing the person that inhales the burnt ashes of the flower to return from death with a new body. The user must have died within the past month and the resurrection will bring them back to life with full health but drained mana. The flower is believed to be formed when a large number of Phoenixes die in one location over the course of many hundreds of years, and no two flower form in the same area.

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