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R - Blankium

Mineral Name: Blankium

Color: Faded purple with a light blue in its center

Mineral location: Underground Mines, Deep Caves, Underwater

Mineral Rarity: Rare

Moh's Hardness Ranking: 7

Melting Point: 5475°

Solubility: Semi-Solluable

Market Value: 55 silver

Description: A rare ore manifested by the gathering of many in deep dark areas harder than steel but extremely light making weight almost negligible. It is highly sought after by warriors as it is the perfect material for crafting armor and weaponry and practically anything else. Blankium does come with its own set of difficulties when put to use such as reducing the effectiveness of the enchantments imbued on the item it was used to make as it is less conductive to mana than other ores. Additionally it is extremely difficult to process requiring extreme temperatures to smelt and even greater effort to shape properly making intricate projects almost impossible for it to be used for.

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