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R- Branshakka Brand Bleeding Breath

Market Region: All

Item Rarity: Rare

Item Effects: A pinkish, flesh colored liquid that slowly evaporates into a thick mist. If this mist touches flesh, blood begins pouring out of the creature, almost like they’re sweating profusely. This is painless, but over exposure can lead to feeling very feint, reducing all physical stats by 10%, up to 90% reduction, for each turn spent in the mist. If a target is poisoned, the poison will be flushed from their body entirely.

The mist can cover a 20m radius area, and lasts 20 turns, but can be dispelled early by a strong wind created by an air spell or flapping wings.

Item Limits:

-Can never kill a creature but can leave them feeling weak.

-Has no effect on creatures without blood.

-The stat reduction lasts until the creature regenerates, or if possible, consumes blood.

-Undead are still affected if they are a creature that needed blood in life.

-Doesn’t work on reptiles or cold-blooded creatures, undead or not.

Extra: A formula pioneered by the Branshakka family, a blood farming family. The mixture was originally intended to be used to bleed livestock without them dying, earning the family its fortune. The current acting head of the family shared the formula with the public because of its discovered medical properties.

The way it’s typically administered is by a Demi dragon opening it the potion, inhaling the mist, then using their powerful lungs to blow it over an area

Price: 1 Gold

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