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R - Topazmanaite

Mineral Name: Topazmanaite

Color: Crystalline Orange.

Mineral Location: Underground caves and tunnels.

Mineral Rarity: Rare

Moh Hardness Ranking: 9

Melting Point: 3000°C

Solubility: Insoluble

Market Value: 3 Gold.

Description: Topazmanaite is a rare gemstone that naturally forms within underground caves and tunnels within the cavities and rock formations created by the cooling of lava over the course of a long period of time. As the name would imply, Topazmanaite is formed from Topaz that have been exposed to a large amount of mana over time, naturally absorbing and changing due to this exposer and taking on magical properties. This process is natural, and happens at random, as such replicating the process isn't possible, which makes the gemstone sought after for its magical properties and beautiful appearance. The gemstone is said to have properties that allows it to grant the wearer a boost of confidence and mental resistance to effects such as fear or doubt, it is said to allow one to feel more confident in not only themselves but in the things they believe in.

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