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Ritual - Bind Trap

Spell Power Ranking: C

Casters required: A minimal of 2 or 3 people is enough to make one.

Description: The ritual acts like a trap, that once the chosen individual steps into the circle, the writings seem to create a life of their own, acting like tendrils that latch at fast velocities. Firstly binding the joints, and if the individual still tries to break free, more tendrils will attach to other parts until the individual is fully binded. The binding will work as long as mana is fuelling it.

Mana Cost: The cost is medium although constant.

Limitations/Side Effects: It cannot bind beings larger than the ritual circle, and breaking the ground of that the circle severely compromises the condition of the tendrils. It can only trap a single individual.

Cooldown: 20 turns

Requirements: An area large and big enough, along with high knowledge about rituals

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