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Ritual - Grand Barrier

Spell Power Ranking: A

Casters Required: 3 or more.

Description: The user, along with two others, channels their mana into some sort of mana crystal over the course of 5 minutes. If done correctly, the crystal will float and glow, creating a very large barrier, capable of covering an entire village. The barrier is also very strong, being able to be attacked on all sides by an army all at once and still hold up. However, the length of time the barrier remains up depends on how much mana the crystal has. The longest case of this spell lasting was an entire day, while the shortest was an hour.

Mana Cost: High

Limitations/Side Effects: The mana crystal is essentially the fuel source for this spell. If it runs out of mana or is tampered with, then the spell will end.

Cooldown: 1 Week

Requirements: A mana crystal

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