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Rupture gem

Mineral Name: Rupture gem

Color: Intense purple, red, yellow and pink

Mineral Location: Monium unexplored caves

Mineral Rarity: Uncommon

Moh hardness Ranking:6

Melting Point: 5030ºC

Solubility: Not soluble

Market Value: 6 silver coins (per gem)

10 silver coins (Ore)

+10 silver coins In Monium for all forms

Description: Rupture gem is a sapphire that grows in demonic territory, being used for centuries as a mining material. Upon impact, the unstable and destructive mana inside it is partially released, resulting in a concentrated explosion, if completely broken, can cause a gigantic explosion of 30 meters. Depending on the size, the explosion gets bigger and stronger. It’s used for mining equipment and sophisticated explosion resistant equipment or even demolishing old buildings. Tools equipped with the rupture gem are called “rupture tools” (For example: A ruptured great sword)

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