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S- Blesser


- Can control and make light around itself.

- Can teleport anywhere within sight as long as it's bright.

- Can make its body intangible.

- Anything it touches, if it chooses to, it can control its lifeforce.

- Whenever it's in an area, the place will feel good, warm, happy, and all sorts of positive.

- It can heal anything it touches or around it at will, also itself.

- It can revive the dead.

Danger Ranking: S

Rarity: Unknown.

Region: Unknown.

Description: A creature that has very rarely been seen, in fact, it's believed to be more rare than the Reaper, which it is believed to be made to counteract, due to how opposite they are from each other. Not many records of this creature exist, with the only records belonging to Royality.

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