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S- Blesser


- Teleportation

- Intangibility

- Life Manipulation

- Aura of Positivity

- Healing Touch

- Revitalization

Danger Ranking: S

Rarity: Unknown

Region: Unknown.

Description: The Blesser is an enigmatic and rarely seen being, whose existence is steeped in legends and folklore. Accounts of its appearances are scarce, making it as elusive as the renowned Reaper. Historically, only a handful of records exist, with the most comprehensive known record attributed to the accounts of royalty. However, even these records provide only a glimpse of the creature's incredible abilities. Myths and tales surrounding the Blesser depict it as a benevolent and protective spirit, possibly linked to the divine or born from the collective life force and worship of people. Despite the absence of concrete evidence, the mere mention of the Blesser instills hope and fascination, with many that know of it believing it to be a symbol of life, joy, and restoration. Its appearances remain very rare, occurring in inexplicable circumstances or during times of great need, leaving those who witness its presence forever touched by its miraculous abilities.

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