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S - Cursed Evolutionary Pulse

Circle Name: Cursed Evolutionary Pulse

Circle Ranking: S

Circle Engraving: សាច់និងឆ្អឹង,ស្បែកនិងឈាម,ចិត្តនិងព្រលឹង,រាងកាយនិងការទាំងអស់,ស្វែងរកការដែលជាការពិតនិង unbreaking,បណ្តាលឱ្យកូនចៀមដើម្បីរីកលូតលាស់

Effect: Engraving the circle in an area or on the body of a something will cause the thing within that area to slowly evolve and change over time depending on the things they do and actions they take, fuelled by the arcane circle.

Required Mana Input: Constantly drains mana.

Limitations and Drawbacks: Unknown.

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