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S - Reaper

Abilities: - Teleportation - Death Manipulation - Intangibility - Dust Touch - Negative Aura - Death's Path - Restless Death

Danger Ranking: S Rarity: Unknown

Region: Unknown

Description: The Reaper, a being that's mere name can bring forth fear and dread in the common people that know of it. Unkillable, unstoppable, death bringer, that is what it is known as. The Reaper is rarely seen being, whose existence is steeped in legends and folklore. Accounts of its appearances are scarce, making it as elusive as the renowned Blesser. Historically, only a handful of records exist, with the most comprehensive known record attributed to the accounts of royalty. However, even these records provide only a glimpse of the creature's incredible abilities. Myths and tales surrounding the Reaper tell how it is the bringer of death, killing hundreds or thousands with its mere presence. Its mere touch could kill the strong, wherever it moved life dead around it.

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