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S - Silent Death

Type of Spell: Lifeforce Magic

Spell Power Ranking: S

Description: The user activates this spell by condensing all their lifeforce into a single point in their body, upon which they will fall into a state of death that will last as long as they are not attacked or harmed. While in this form of death, they will be able to exist in their mental scape, however they will not be able to interact with the outside world at all. While in this form of death, they will be seen as dead by everything and everyone, and anything that would otherwise kill them would not.

Lifeforce Cost: All Years.

Limitations/Side Effects:

-They can not choose when to wake up, it will only wake them when their life is threatened.

-When they wake up they will only have 1 Year of Lifeforce.

Cooldown: 10 Days.

Requirements: None.

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