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UC - Dream potion

Market Region: All

Item Rarity: Uncommon

Item Effect: This potion will do nothing initially, only activating once the person falls asleep naturally within the next 12 hours. Once they actually do fall asleep, the user will have a very vivid dream that they can interact with. This dream can be pleasant or nightmarish, depending on how the potion was made beforehand. Regardless, what the user is dreaming about will manifest in a 10 foot radius of them, visible for anyone else to see. However, these manifestations are merely illusions, not able to interact with the environment.

Item Limits: If the user is awoken unnaturally from their dream, they will be very dizzy for 5 turns. The nightmare version of the potion is illegal to sell and use, except in very certain situations that requires it.

Market Price: 5 Silver

Extra: Some experienced alchemists have figured out how to make specific dreams appear for the consumer.

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