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UC - Pinshire

Availability: Uncommon

Region: Corrupted Swamp

Preparation: Interior of spikes muddled together. Boiled for 8 turns, simmer for 5 while stirring regularly. Alternatively, being pricked by the spikes to where it breaks the skin has the same effect, although for half the duration.

Cost: 3 Silver & 50 Copper

Description: A large fungus that grows in the Corrupted Swamp. Often growing nearby water or mud, but never inside the large bodies of water itself. They have the effect of reducing the effect of daylight to vampires down to 1/3rd the stat debuff rather than half. This effect lasts for 10 turns if prepared properly, and 5 turns if not prepared. It also makes the consumer resistant to light, making them immune to flashbangs and 30% more resistant to light magic. However, when the effect is over, it leaves the consumer smelling like bad wet dog.

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