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UC/R+- Poison Potion

Market Region: All. Item Rarity: Uncommon/Rare+ Item Effects: Small - Typically used as rat poison. Might cause mild nausea and vomiting on larger creatures. Large - Can kill average-sized creatures in 15 turns, along with causing symptoms over time such as, in order : couching (1 turn), nausea and mild fever (2 turns), vomiting (4 turns), blurry vision (5 turns), fever, (6 turns), blood coughing (7 turns), loss of balance (8 turns), loss of vision (10 turns), blindness (11 turns), hearing loss and extreme fever(everything sounds muffled/12 turns), internal bleeding (14 turns), heart attack (15 turns). Completely bland and adapts its color to whatever it’s added to. Item Limits: - Large creatures (such as Sileni, Orcs, etc.) take 1.5x longer to suffer symptoms. - Has a distinctive smell that can be recognized (if you know it). This smell is artificially increased on domestic use potions to prevent accidental consumption. - Large potions are illegal and can only be found on the black market. - Large potions can be cured using a large medicinal potion - doing so will take 8 turns until the patient has completely recovered. - Small potions can easily be cured using any medicinal potion

- Effects are instantaneous. Market Price: 6 silver or greater

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