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D- Personification of Fire Technique

Name: Personification of Fire Technique

Technique Power Ranking: D

Description: The Personification of Fire Technique is a technique that was created with the idea of becoming one with fire, becoming fire itself. Forged by studying the concept of fire elementals, it is a technique that allows the user to temporary become one with fire, and passively control, and increase, their affinity with fire.


Stage One: To Master stage one the user must first come to understand what fire truly is, how fire burns, how the fire works, and why the fire works. They must observe, learn and feel the fire as if they are part of it for an extended period of time.

Bonus: Mastering this stage grants them a 2x affinity with fire.

Backlash: Mastering this stage lowers their affinity with other elements besides fire by half.

Stage Two: Once the first stage is mastered they can master the second stage by learning how to control, and aid the flow of fire through and around their body. They must feel, and control, how the fire flows both within them and around them.

Bonus: Grants them the ability to control fire within 25 meters of them.

Backlash: Makes them unable to learn other elemental control abilities.

Final Stage: Mastering the final stage requires them to truly become fire, to shed their mortal body and become one with the fire in both mind and body, allowing the fire to flow through them and become them.

Bonus: This stage allows the user to temporarily turn their entire body into a body of fire similar to a fire elemental for 10 turns.

Backlash: They function like a fire elemental while in this form, meaning physically and magically.

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