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Sect Information

➺ What are Sects?


Sects are factions made inside and authorized by the Guild Hall. Sects are created by adventurers for adventurers, The purpose of a Sect varies depending on the members, but the main and most common reason a Sect is made is for adventurers to band together and complete quests. This allows them to have a higher success rate and a lower chance of danger or fatality.

Exp will be given to all members that take part in the quest, all gaining the same amount of EXP that was promised. The reward will not change and is to be shared as the Sect chooses. 

To create a Sect is rather easy.

For one the Sect can't be made for any illegal reasons, if a Sect is made for good reasons but does illegal things, it will be shut down and members arrested.

Aside from the Sect having to be made for a good and legal reason, the Sect must have a Leader and 2 members already willing to join it.

The Sect format is: 

Sect Name:

Sect Motto:

Sect Motivation:

Sect Leader: 

Sect Members:

Sect History/Info:


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